Create leading Search, Discovery, and Recommendations

Build, power, and optimize digital experiences across platforms

A computer on a search page, with recommendations being inserted on the side
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A computer on a search page, with recommendations being inserted on the side

Put your content in motion across platforms

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  • Fast to Implement

    The fastest way to build and optimize omnichannel search and discovery.

  • Fast to Index

    Digital content updates live in less than 10 seconds, multiple experiments and tests live in minutes.

  • Fast to Results

    • Revenue from search users: +400% 
    • Orders including search: +10% 
    • Increase in CTR: +5%

Go live fast and drive results with Algolia's platform

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  • Algolia has unmatched speed, along with AI capabilities. Performant and scalable, with little need for extra technical resources or internal expertise.

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  • Leverage advanced front end libraries, 14 API clients, and extensive documentation to easily build and optimize digital experiences.

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  • Personalize your search and discovery experiences. Get actionable insights, run A/B tests, and access analytics in our user-friendly dashboard.

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    algolia search

    Create rich, relevant search experiences

    Powerful search that increases customer value, with leading digital UX across devices.

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    Algolia Recommend

    Power customized content & product discovery experiences

    Drive engagement, and increase revenue, with AI-powered recommendations.

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    Digital leaders and builders leverage Algolia

    Business Users

    Our intuitive dashboard allows you to make impactful changes easily, without developers or IT.

    Executives or Analysts

    Our data sources enable robust analytics, enabling easy monitoring, testing, and optimization.

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    Content Managers

    We have APIs in eleven programming languages for any tech stack, pre-built UI libraries, and platform integrations.

    Merchandisers & PMs

    Visual Editor and Rules allow you to easily merchandize and manage products and content in real time.

    Developers, get started

    Algolia works across Industries

    Solutions for customer and employee-facing websites and applications

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    Build online shopping experiences that convert

    Business to business

    B2B ecommerce

    Build personalized search and navigation experiences for B2B ecommerce



    Drive engagement, increase loyalty, retain users



    Build performant marketplace search at scale



    Build powerful software that 
retains users



    Connect your customers to the right content, and your employees to the right information