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Business User Guide to Relevance and Merchandising

Overview of Algolia implementation steps

Algolia is a powerful relevance platform that connects your data with your customers. When implementing Algolia, you can collaborate with your data or back-end engineers, who will connect your data with Algolia, and the front-end engineers, who’ll connect Algolia to your app or website, so that users can search or browse into your data.

Your job as a business user is to configure relevance to make sure, that the most relevant results show up to the users.

The overview of the workflow to configure relevance in Algolia

The lifecycle of building and improving your search experience with Algolia has these steps:

  1. Prepare and upload your data to Algolia. This step is performed by your data engineering team.

  2. Configure relevance.

  3. Build the user interface. This step is performed by your front-end engineering team.

  4. Derive insights from analytics.

  5. Improve your search experience.

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