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Live from Shoptalk Europe: How to deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience

May 27th 2022 ecommerce

Live from Shoptalk Europe: How to deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience

There’s no either-or for shoppers these days. As the world makes its way toward a post-pandemic reality, consumers have started to re-engage with their favorite brands, both online as well as in-store. To be successful, today’s retailer needs to offer a seamless experience that bridges all of these shopping touchpoints consistently. The million dollar question is: are you ready to level up your customer experience for today’s hybrid reality?

Algolia experts are heading to Shoptalk Europe in London, the continent’s largest and most influential retail event, to share strategies for creating a winning hybrid retail experience across ecommerce and real-world touchpoints. From June 6 to 8, find out how to boost your retail business with powerful search and discovery capabilities at Algolia’s booth, #K22.


Deliver exceptional experiences through seamless, omnichannel touchpoints

After two years of retail challenges – pandemic lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and steep new technical hurdles – brick and mortar retailers are breathing a sigh of relief as shoppers flock back to stores.

The return to in-person shopping is an exciting development, but it’s no time for retailers to turn back the clock. In today’s landscape, top brands are seeing winning results by owning every customer touchpoint: in-store shopping, ecommerce and back again, and hybrid shopping – also referred to as “phygital.” Not only do shoppers want an omnichannel experience, but approaching hybrid retail the right way lets businesses take the pulse of different shoppers, understand their preferences and build lasting relationships.

The road to hybrid retail success means matching products with people, at the right place and the right time, and providing seamless interactions at every available touchpoint. The key is leveraging behavioral data to anticipate their needs during every interaction.

Given rising labor and commodity costs, the idea of doubling down on hybrid retail can feel daunting.  In our recent ecommerce trends report, only 20% of the 900 ecommerce decision-makers surveyed by Algolia feel equipped to deliver personalized digital shopping experiences to their clientele.

graph ecommerce trends report

In a competitive retail landscape, the omnichannel experience can make all the difference. Online retailers that learn how to deliver an enhanced hybrid experience are the ones standing out from specialized, niche online brands and they are standing up against mega-competitors like Amazon, Overstock, and Alibaba.


Discover how to deliver hybrid shopping experiences with Algolia at Shoptalk Europe 

At booth #K22, Algolia’s search experts will share their knowledge and expertise from helping industry-leading brands like Lacoste, Paul&Shark, Under Armour, and Gymshark excel at hybrid retail. These brands are using Algolia’s API-first search platform to grow conversions, increase product interactions, and gain repeat orders and customer visits. Our specialists can show you what it takes to build and create exceptional phygital experiences through personalized search, discovery, and recommendations.

Algolia is a global leader in creating personalized, powerful ecommerce search and discovery experiences, and is trusted by over 11,000 customers around the world. Our headless, API-first platform has a proven track record of success – helping brands like increase conversions by 3X, Pentair boost online product views by 500%, and Gymshark realize a 400% revenue growth.

At Shoptalk Europe, our experts will share insights and techniques on how AI-powered search brings user and product data together to enhance and extend retail merchandising. We’ll help your business team discover new ways to grow sales and keep shoppers engaged and coming back, including:

  • Recommendations: display and refine merchandise and catalogs according to advanced behavioral analytics
  • AI capabilities: transform user intent into meaningful actions through Dynamic Re-Ranking, Dynamic Synonym Suggestions, and Personalization
  • Easy experimentation: flexible fine-tuning and A/B testing to monitor and optimize performance

Algolia is driving a new frontier for omnichannel retail through a hybrid approach to enriched customer engagement that connects online customers to the physical store and back again. We power 30 billion search requests per week for over 11,000 customers across the globe. These great features make Algolia the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

“Algolia is a critical part of the navigation experience on Lacoste platforms globally. Not only does it provide the stellar user experience Lacoste is known for, but it more than doubled our global sales.”

Global User Experience Manager – Lacoste


Learn more about Algolia and composable commerce Shoptalk Europe

Algolia partner event big breakfast

On June 6, get an early start with a kickoff breakfast aboard a superyacht! Algolia experts will answer questions about composable commerce from 8:30 to 12:30 pm BST. Secure one of the last few remaining slots, here.

Later that day, join Algolia and members of the MACH alliance network for 

a cocktail party at Vagabond Wines, just 20 minute by Tube from the Shoptalk Europe venue. Talk ecommerce with the top movers and shakers in composable software from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Click here to register. Read more about the MACH alliance here.


Get ready for something special at this year’s Shoptalk Europe

Algolia partner event mach alliance drinksAt Algolia, we’ve been working behind the scenes on an exciting product upgrade. Schedule a meeting, or drop by Algolia’s booth (#K22) to be among the first at Shoptalk Europe for the big reveal!

Book a meeting


Not attending Shoptalk Europe?

We still want to show you how a powerful search and discovery solution like Algolia can help you grow your hybrid shopping experience. Book a free, personalized demo and get an audit of your site’s search and sales potential by Algolia experts.

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